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Eco bin liners: are they going to save our planet?

Our planet is being polluted in an unprecedented manner. The threat of global warming has been scientifically asserted. Therefore, it is necessary that we all do something to stop this destructive trend. Before it is too late, a culture of recycling should be adopted by the entire population. Eco bin liners can contribute to the solution of this problem.

A quick Google search will yield a lot of tips and advice on how to clean up at home in order to reduce the environmental impact of our houses waste. But, how can we do the same at the workplace? Much waste is produced at offices: old computers, paper, plastics, etc. How can we handle properly all this waste? And how can we change people’s waste habits? Ecological waste bins are a solution!

How eco bins can help to save the environment?

These bins contribute to tackling the pollution problem by helping to sort properly all the waste. Generally, the bins come in different colours, each colour corresponding to the type of waste they are meant to contain. Bright colours are used to make them more easily identifiable. In Australia, the use of Eco bin liners is very important, because the country is huge and hence, people buy and throw in trash many things. And a lot of this waste can be actually recycled if it is sorted properly.

Waste management and recycling is not a complicated task. All we have to do is sorting properly all the waste according to their origin, organic or inorganic. Bin liners utilize a standard colour coding to know which type of waste goes to each bin. This also helps to increase awareness about the recycling culture and the need for taking care of the environment.

For indoor areas like offices, the colour code for Eco bin liners could not be simpler: green for organic food and waste, blue for paper and cardboard that can be recycled, red for other landfill office waste, and white for recyclable plastics. This system is effective for sorting waste at the workplace. However, there is much more we all can do at our offices to protect the environment.

Make sure your employee understand what an eco bin is

When these bins are introduced to your office, be aware that some people may simply be confused at the beginning. They will not be sure whether they have put the waste in the right container. Therefore, it is advisable to accompany the installation of Eco bin liners with some informative posters. The poster should contain all the information about what material goes to which bin. Moreover, include information about how to empty or clean materials before disposal in their corresponding bins.


Pollution is a huge problem not only in Australia but in many developed and even developing countries as well. That’s why handling this issue in the most serious manner is the need, not just the caprice. Eco bins and business recycling are not the solutions to the problem, but still can be helpful. However, complex measures should be taken to save the environment for the coming generations.

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