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Kitchen Renovation Trends to Adopt for 2020

The kitchen is the most vital part of your home; it is not just a place where you eat, but a place where you, your family, and even guests could chat, socialise, and bond. That is why a lot of people put much effort into beautifying their kitchens. If you are planning to decorate or redecorate, why not browse through these ideas for kitchen renovations that are fashionable for 2020.

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Practical storage solutions

A lot of kitchen designs from 2018–2019 are staying and returning in the kitchen design circle. One of these is the minimalism in design and colour. If you are planning for all over kitchen renovations, one of the things you might consider is adequate storage for kitchen materials. Keep your plates, utensils, cups, glasses, knives, and other items inside a cupboard or drawers. Not only will your kitchen look clean and organised, but this style also eliminates the worry for hygiene rather than keeping them out in the open.

However, don;t go overboard in planning the look of your storage drawers. Try to go with simple handles for cupboards and drawers, so they won’t draw much attention. Most of the time, overly designed handles look out-of-place in the kitchen. It would look overkill instead of elegant.

Natural materials

Natural materials are not going away for this year as well; wooden countertops and islands will be staying. The raw material design has an air of timelessness. It is classic yet very sophisticated; an ageless design that is loved by generations. The natural wooden materials serve as a colour accent in the whole kitchen that is dominantly in the shade of grey and white.

This design is also a hit for environment-friendly homeowners. If 2019 raised awareness around green and sustainable materials, this year is the proper application.

Open shelving

People are getting smart in their kitchen makeovers. For 2020, open shelving will stay in, well, the shelf. This design is very economical; you won’t be needing a lot of materials. Not only is this kitchen design practical but also very chic. The minimalist touch is definitely on trend, and the shelf adds personality to the whole kitchen.

Properly placed lighting

Lighting is a vital element in the kitchen so you need to have all area lighting when doing full kitchen renovations. It sets the mood and makes work in the kitchen much more accessible.

Make sure that you light up areas under cupboard spaces as well as your cooking area. Over the kitchen island, you might consider using decorative lights that hang down from the ceiling, a pendant perhaps. The style adds character to the area.

If you are concerned about the huge bill you’ll receive by the end of the month, then use LED lights. LEDs are the best choice among others since they burn less energy, saving you from an enormous bill.

Renovations can be very hectic, especially kitchen and bathroom renovations. You have to keep in mind both the functionality and the overall look of the area. What’s more, applying these renovation ideas can be challenging. That is what renovation experts are here for.

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